Sales Policy

Sales policy


• Sponge, Gluten Free and chocolate cakes do not have nuts as an ingredient but there may be nut traces present.
• Our cakes are made with vegetable fats and contain dairy products unless selected cake is ‘Dairy Free’.
• We do not offer exact replicas of our cake designs and never will. Cakes are hand-made by individuals in our bakery team, thus slight variations will occur in design, colouring, writing style etc. If ordering from our bakery, we reserve the right for a certain level of creative license with our own designs.
• Cake Size: Slight variations will occur depending on the size of cake ordered by customers. If a customer orders a ‘Small’ or ‘Medium’ size design, then the cake will not have the exact same decorations as ‘Large’ or XLarge’ sizes due to a change of available cake area.

Cake Storage and Shelf Life

• All cakes should be stored in a cool dark place on a flat sturdy surface.
• Sponge, Chocolate and Gluten Free cake  will keep fresh for 14 days after delivery when stored at cool temperature.
• Custom cakes are not designed for multiple journeys. We will deliver ordered cakes to a customers location or venue direct from our bakery. For customer orders that are collected, we recommend collection on the day of the event and not before. Again for collection orders, we recommend cakes are taken directly to the venue and not transported multiple times.

Edible Images and Sugar Models

• If you wish to supply a digital picture, we only accept jpg images. The quality of print is dependent on the quality of the photo you provided.


• We require a minimum 7 working days notice on all cakes ordered.
• Please check your order thoroughly before payment.
• Cake orders collected from our bakery must be handled and transported in a suitable manner and suitable vehicle. Cakes are fragile goods and must be handled as such  – we can not accept responsibility for damaged caused after leaving our bakery premises whilst not in our care.

• We only accept cards for orders placed online. We use SSL 3D secure payments via Opayo payment gateway

Privacy Policy

All data collected by us is stored and maintained under the conditions of our GDPR policy.

Delivery Policy

• Deliveries are made by APC, on your chosen delivery date. You will be emailed directly from them with regard time of deliveries.
• All cakes are delivered boxed.
• We only deliver within the UK.
• We do not deliver on Sundays.
• We can deliver to neighbours if you are out. Please specify your neighbours complete address.

Refund and Cancellation

• There will be no refund on cakes cancelled less than 28 working days prior to delivery.
• Deposits for custom orders (£50.00) and wedding cake orders are non-refundable.
• Complaints are very rare and so we take them very seriously. Some complaints may require further investigation and an immediate refund may not always be possible.
• For complaint related issues, customer cakes or cupcakes must be returned for investigation purposes. If a cake or cupcake product is not returned for investigation, the maximum that will be offered is a replacement of the order. No further refund will offered.
•  Photographic evidence may be required prior to using your cake.
• For delivery order, the maximum refund we offer is the value of the cake and delivery. Further compensation is not available.

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